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Prices of education for full program for 2003-2004. Cost is specified in conventional units per year.

Entrants on the basis of full-secondary (general), primary-professional (specialized school) education study for 5 years on a day schedule and 6 years by night and correspondence courses.

Entrants on the basis of secondary-professional education study for 3 years by a day schedule and 3.5 years by night or correspondence courses.

For second and further education – duration of training is 3 years by night or correspondence courses.


Faculty of law: Jurisprudence (021100), International law (021100)

Faculty of management and informatics: Management of organization (061100), International business (061124), Public and municipal management (061000), Antirecession management (351000), Application informatics in economy (351400), Organization and technology of securing (075300), World economy (060600)

Financial-economic faculty: Finances and credit (060400), International financial-credit relations (060400), Accounting, accountancy and auditing (060500), Taxes and taxation (351200).

Natural-humanities faculty: Advertising (350700), Journalism (520600).

Day, night and correspondence departments (once a week, calling for examinations).


Post-Graduate Study


Scientific specializations. (08:00.05) Economy and national economy management; (08:00.13) Mathematical and instrumentation methods of economy; (12:00.01) Theory and history of law and state; history of legal doctrines; (12:00.02) Constitutional law; municipal law; (12:00.03) Civil law; entrepreneurial law; family law; international private law; (12:00.14) Administrative law, financial law, informational law.



Colleges (Secondary Professional Education)



Management (0602), Jurisprudence (0201)

Economics, accounting and accounting control (by departments) (0601), computer software techniques and automated systems (2203), Computers, computing complexes, systems and networks (2201)

State and municipal management (0613), Records management and filing (0611), Insurance business (0606), Law and organization of social security (0202), Social work (0205), Finances (by departments) (0603), Advertising (2308), Automated systems of information processing and management (2202)

On the basis of 9th and 11th  forms. Study of two foreign languages. On the basis of specialized vocational school 52. Economics, accounting and accounting control (by departments)



Addresses of Admition Boards


Academicheskaya.  Address: 113447 Moscow , B. Cheryomushkinskaya Street 17-А. Tel.: (095) 126-96-66, (095) 126-97-77. Office hours: workdays: 10:00 - 18:00 , Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00 .

From "Academicheskaya" metro station, take the last carriage coming from the center (exit to " Ulan Bator " cinema). Go out Dmitry Ulyanov Street and down Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya Street (you will recognize it by tram-lines); turn to the left crossing the street beforehand and then go to the brick five-storey building under № 17а. Time on foot: from the metro to the intersection with B. Cheryomushkinskaya Street – about 10-15 minutes, further along the street itself – 2-3 minutes.

Warshavskaya. Moscow , Warshavskoye Chauseé 81, bldg. 2. Tel.:(095) 119-00-06, (095) 119-00-70.

From "Warshavskaya" metro station take the last carriage if coming from "Kashirskaya" metro station (according to signs this is the exit to suburban trains or to the "Shalom" cinema). Upon exiting through the doors turn to the right and go upstairs. When outdoors you need go straight about 30 m and turn right, then go straight: go over the wooden deck, cross carefully the small street (not turning), pass the eight-storey brick building, small garages and before the next house turn to the right when you see before you the white arch (it is slightly set into the yard) with the sign "Московская финансово-юридическая академия" ("Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy"), go in and there you are! Time on foot: 5 minutes but when the building is completed, the way will be shorter and it will be easier to find.

Kuntsevskaya, Moscow , Vereyskaya Street 29. Tel.: (095) 443-34-42, (095) 443-34-39.

From "Kuntsevskaya" metro station, take the 1st carriage from the center. Exit to the right, climb the bridge and go to the bus stop, take bus № 733 or routing taxi (jitney) № 781, 103 and go to stop "Ulitsa Dorokhova" ("Dorokhov Street" - "ул. Дорохова," the terminal stop). Get off the bus. On a 5-storey building you will see a sign with the name "Московская финансово-юридическая академия" (" Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy "). If you do not see it, you should go to the side of the building (the building will be surrounded with a fence), pass through the gates, and there you are.Ее нельзя не заметить, заходите с торца (здание будет окружено забором) , проходите в ворота и вы на месте.

Bibirevo, Moscow , Plestcheev Street 16-А. Tel.: (095) 902-32-88.


Necessary Documents


To be admitted to the Academy it is necessary to perform the following steps:

1.      To become familiar with the State accreditation. Governmental license. Constituent documents and internal regulations.

2.      To become familiar with the agreement "About Giving Educational Services in Preparation of a Specialist/Bachelor." The agreement is a document regulating legal relationship between the Academy and a fee-paying subject.

3.      To write an application for admission to the Academy using a special form.

4.      To fill in distinctly (with block letters) a student's personal card. Please write accurately and without mistakes because the data are introduced to a personal file and are used for sending correspondence to you.

5.      To write an autobiographical sketch following the model.

6.      To complete the document package given below and hand it in to the Admition Board of the Academy.

6.1.      To prepare a copy of document about education (in case of surname/name/patronymic name change – the appropriate document) along with originals (a school-leaving certificate, a diploma, or other certificates).

6.2.      To prepare 6 3x4 photos (matte).

6.3.      To prepare a copy of a document proving one's identity (passport). For nonresident citizens – to prepare a copy of registration.

6.4.      To prepare a copy of labor book (for persons entering intramural-correspondence and correspondence courses).

7.      To be examined in the Academy by admission office or via Internet network. For Entrants to day courses entrance testing is essential.

8.      To conclude an agreement and pay fee in accordance with the document signed (payment is made in rubles).


Addresses of Faculties


The educational building at Academicheskaya

Natural-humanities faculty

The educational building in Warshavskoye Chauseé

Faculty of law

The educational building in Kuntsevo

Faculty of management and informatics

The educational building in Lomonosovsky Prospect

Financial-economic faculty