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Established 12 years ago, this faculty is one of the basic educational divisions of the Academy preparing bachelors and certified specialists in the following specializations approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Russian Federation: Specialty 060400 "Finances and credit," qualification ECONOMIST; Specialty 351200 "Taxes and taxation," qualification SPECIALIST IN TAXATION, Specialty "World economy."

Fundamental training is combined with a profound specialization in the specialty chosen. Within these specializations the following specializations have been opened:

Specialty 060400 "Finances and credit:" financial management, banking, security market, appraisal of property, insurance.

Specialty 060500 "Accounting at commercial enterprises:" accounting, analysis and auditing.


Dean of the Faculty


Elena Alexeevna Bochkaryova. Auditorium № 49, tel.: 132-36-77.




Finances and credit (060400 "Finances and credit," qualification ECONOMIST)


An economist in specialty "Finances and credit" has to be prepared for professional work in governmental organs of federal, regional and municipal levels; banks, exchanges, financial and insurance companies, investment funds, the Ministry of Finances of the Russian Federation, economic services of enterprises and organizations of all forms of property in positions requiring higher economic education according to the manual of appointments of heads, specialists and other employees approved by regulation № 37 of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation dated 21.08.98.

The specialty "Finances and credit" gives a complex of knowledge in the field of governmental finances, banking and insurance, monetary circulation, financial management, security markets, taxes and taxation. The specialty investigates processes of formation and execution of budgets of different levels; mechanism of national debt management; functioning of off-budget funds; planning order; accounting and accounts at enterprises, organizations, officers; organization and management of enterprises' money flow; investment activities of economic agents; features of organization of finances of enterprises and organizations; banking and insurance.


Accounting, analysis and auditing


Professional activity of the specialist is realized in all spheres of national economy and is directed to professional service of functioning economic agents of all legal forms of property, the sphere of state finances and off-budget institutional structures.

A specialist in "Accounting, analysis and auditing" should, on the basis of his professional knowledge, provide information, analysis and use for management information about assets, obligations, funds, money flow movement, profits and charges as well as about financial results of activity of enterprises, organizations, offices and thereby improve usage of economic potential of economic agents, efficient organization of their financial-economic relations, and assist in protection of economic interest and property of physical and juridical persons.

Objects of professional activity are current and off-current assets, obligations, funds, profits, charges and financial results in the field of principal, operating investment and financial activities of economic agents.


Kinds of professional activity


The main kinds of professional activity of a specialist are: accounting-analytical, control-revision, auditing, consulting, organizational-managerial, regulatory-methodological.

The specialist can adapt to the following kinds of related business: managerial-economical, financial and credit, expert-consulting, taxation, appraisal of property, external-economic, scientific-methodological, legal, scientific-pedagogical (according to type of specialty).


Taxes and taxation


Disciplines studied in the faculty


Disciplines studied in specialty 060400 – "Finances and credit"


I. General humanities and social-economic disciplines: Foreign language, Physical culture, Domestic history, Culturology, Political science, Jurisprudence, Psychology and pedagogy, Russian language and standard of speech, Sociology, Philosophy, Economic theory, History of economics, History of economic doctrines, Ethics and aesthetics/Business Russian language.

II. General mathematical and natural-scientific disciplines: Mathematics, Informatics, Informational systems in economics, Econometrics, Conceptions of modern natural science, Financial mathematics, Modern facilities of computers and telecommunications, Mathematical methods in economics.

III. General-professional disciplines: Economics of organizations (enterprises), Management, Marketing, Statistics, World economy, Accounting, Foundations of auditing, Economic analysis, Analysis of economic activity, Economics and sociology of labor, Off-budget funds, Price formation, Economics of nature management/Customs business.

IV. Special disciplines: Finances, Money, credit, banks; Finances of organizations (enterprises), Financial management, Taxes and taxation, Insurance, Budget system of the Russian Federation, Security market, Investments, Banking, Foundations of actuarial calculations, Methods of financial risk evaluation, Statistics of finances and credit, Controlling/Operating techniques in banks.

V. Open classrooms: Special course in a foreign language, Budget planning and forecasting, Foreign literature, World history, History of art, Theory and history of customs business, International economic relationships, Provision of pensions.

VI. Disciplines of specializations

Financial management: Theoretical foundations of financial management, Financial risk management, Operational financial work at an enterprise, International financial management, Investment projecting, Foreign investments, Financial law.

Securities market: Theory and history of stock business, Foreign equity markets, Legal foundations of securities market, Accounting and forecasting in the securities market, Investment operations in the securities market, Government in the securities market.

Banking: Organization and funding of investments, Bank management and marketing, Accounting and operating activity in banks, International currency-credit relationships, Bank legislation, Accounting in commercial banks, Auditing of banks, Accounting and valuation of bank assets.

Appraisal of property: Appraisal of real estate (theory and practice), Value appraisal of an enterprise (business), Appraisal of intangible property and intellectual property, Appraisal of machines, equipment and transport means, Enterprise restructuring, Economic appraisal of land plots, Valuation and restructuring of financial ???


Disciplines studied in specialty


351200 – "Taxes and taxation"


I. General humanities and social-economic disciplines: Foreign language, Physical culture, Domestic history, Culturology, Political science, Psychology and pedagogy, Sociology, Logic, Philosophy, Russian language and standard of speech, Ethics and aesthetics, History of economics, Budget system of the Russian Federation, Foundations of records management, Economics and sociology of labor, Conflictology.

II. General mathematical and natural-scientific disciplines: Mathematics, Informatics, Conceptions of modern natural science, Economic geography and regionalistics, Nature management, Legal informational systems, Modern facilities of computers and telecommunications.

III. General-professional disciplines: Economic theory, History of economic doctrines, World economy and international relations, Law, Theory of state and law, Constitutional (state) law, Civil law, Civil procedure, Administrative law, Labor law, Criminal law, Criminal procedure, International public law, International private law, Financial law, Roman law, Municipal law of the Russian Federation, Land law, Finances, Management and marketing, Price formation, Statistics, Accounting. Managerial accounting, Auditing, Economic analysis, Theory of decision-making and risk management in the financial-fiscal sphere, Foundations of business relations, Foundations of theory of state finances and taxation (history of financial ideas and taxation), Taxes and taxation, Legal foundations of business, Safety of vital activity, Banking, Methodology of carrying out tax base documentary verification, Cooperation of tax authorities with state authorities of the Russian Federation, Investments, National economy, Business-planning, Analysis of economic activity, Rights and duties of taxpayers.

IV. Special disciplines: Methodology, methods and practice of tax assessment, Forecasting and planning in taxation, Fiscal law, Taxation of organizations in financial sector of economy, Taxation of residents and nonresidents of the Russian Federation, Fiscal accounting, accounts, audits; Organization and methods of fiscal revisions, Tax system of foreign countries, Appraisal and taxation of enterprise realty, Taxation of natural resources utilization, Fiscal regulation of external-economic activity.

V. Disciplines of the specialization: General theory of taxation, Local taxes and fees, Federal taxes and fees, Presentation of results of fiscal revisions, Taxes from juridical persons, Taxes from physical persons, Legal foundations of tax inspection activity, Automatic processing of fiscal information.

VI. Open classrooms: Accounting and control at state fiscal authorities, State regulation, Foundations of forecasting and making decisions, Foundations of advertising activities.


Contact Information  


Office of the head of studies, dean's office – Telephone, fax: (095) 134-34-08.