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About Us

Our affiliate was opened in 2000 with the support of the Administration of Maloyaroslavets with the purpose of creating educational programs of higher and postgraduate-professional education for the preparation of highly qualified economists and jurists.

The Kaluga affiliate is a classic educational establishment, combining fundamental education in the best Russian traditions with modern methods and technologies of teaching.

The educators offer modern technologies of teaching, high professional knowledge, and experience. The educational process is provided by about fifty educators. Providing lectures to students of the correspondence division is under discussion by educators of the Moscow Academy .

There are two computer classrooms equipped with up-to-date computers for informational education of students.



Faculty of Economics and Management

Specialty (061100) "Management of an organization"

Specializations: Business, Industrial management, Management of commercial enterprises, Marketing, Management of tourism and advertising

Specialty (060400) "Finances and credit"

Specializations: Financial management, Securities market, Banking, Appraisal of property

Specialty (351400) "Application informatics in economy"

Specializations: Informational systems in taxation, Informational systems in insurance business, Informational systems in education, Electronic commerce


Juridical Faculty

Specialty (021100) "Jurisprudence"


Specializations: State law, Civil law


Courses: Intramural, Intramural-correspondence (night), Correspondence


Periods of training:

  • intramural division – 5 years;

  • night and correspondence divisions – 6 years;

  • for persons having secondary professional education – 3.5 years;

  • for persons having higher education – 3 years


On graduation a state diploma is issued and qualification of specialist is conferred.


Entrance condition. Entrants to an intramural division are tested in the following disciplines:


For the "Jurisprudence" specialty: Russian, history.


For "Finances and credit," "Management of an organization," "Application informatics in economy" specializations: Russian, mathematics.


Entrants to correspondence and night divisions take a professional interview.


Entrance tests are carried out in accordance with educational programs for secondary education.


Entrants present to the Admition Board the following documents:


  • A document proving their identity: original or copy;

  • A school-leaving certificate (diploma): original or copy;

  • 6 3x4 photos;

  • a labor book: copy (if any).


Admission of documents:

  • to intramural and night divisions: from July 1 till August 20,

  • to correspondence division: from June 1 till September 20.

Teaching is conducted on the agreement basis.


Telephone for references: 2-31-47 , 2-23-64 .


Address: Maloyaroslavets, Staraya Sadovaya Street 11.