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License of the affiliate.

License № 24-0424 on right to conduct educational activities in the sphere of professional education given by the Ministry of Education on 31.05.2001.


Intramural, intramural-correspondence, correspondence.


Higher professional education: Management of organization, Jurisprudence, Application informatics in economy, Finances and credit, Accounting, analysis and auditing. Secondary professional education: Jurisdiction, Management, Finances, Software of computing technique and automatic systems.

Cost of education (for 1 semester) for academic year 2003/04.

Higher professional education:

Management of an organization

  • intramural 7,900,
  • intramural-correspondence 7,400,
  • correspondence 5,900;


  • intramural 8,900,
  • intramural-correspondence 7,900,
  • correspondence 6,700;

Application informatics in economy

  • intramural 7,900,
  • night 7,900;

Finances and credit

  • intramural 7,900,
  • intramural-correspondence 7,400,
  • correspondence 5,900;

Accounting, analysis and auditing

  • intramural 7,900,
  • intramural-correspondence 7,400
  • correspondence 5,900.

Secondary professional education:


  • intramural 4,400,
  • correspondence 3,500,


  • intramural 4,400,
  • correspondence 3,500,


  • intramural 4,400,
  • correspondence 3,500,

Software of computing technique and automatic systems

  • intramural 4,800,
  • correspondence 3,500.

Address of the Admition Board.

610002 Kirov, Svobody Street 116а.

Mail address.

610002 Kirov, Lenin Street 104.

Telephone/fax. (8332) 37-15-58, (8332) 35-62-20, 37-22-69, 35-65-00.


Trolleybus 4, 5, 8 to stop "Filarmoniya" ("Philharmonic Hall" – "Филармония"), Bus 1, 48, 17, 38 to stop "Filarmoniya."

General information about the affiliate.

It ranks 3rd (among 568) in a rating of non-state accredited institutions of higher education for 2002 carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education. The Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy (MFJA) was founded in 1991 by leading institutions of higher education of the Russian Federation: Moscow State Institute of International Relations (МГИМО – MGIMO), Moscow State Academy of Instrumentation and Informatics (МГАПИ – MGAPI), Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (МГИЭМ – MGIEM) and Association of International Education with the support of the Moscow Government. The Kirov affiliate of the MFJA began its work in 1997. The Kirov affiliate of the MFJA offers preparation in specializations - Jurisprudence - Finances and credit - Application informatics - Accounting and auditing - Management.


  • day - 5 years; night,
  • correspondence - 6 years.

College of the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy .


  • Jurisdiction
  • Finances
  • Management
  • Software techniques computing and automation systems.


day and correspondence. Training is carried out on the basis of 9th  and 11th  forms. The Kirov affiliate of the MFJA has a library of its own, computer classrooms, with continuous access to the Internet. Training is performed in accordance with governmental educational standards. Educational programs have been developed in such a way that along with a basic specialty students acquire additional professional knowledge and skills. Graduates of the Academy receive a State diploma with assignment of qualification of a specialist. Male students of the day division receive an occupational determent. Graduates of colleges, secondary technical schools, institutions of higher education are admitted to short terms of education. There is a flexible system of preferences in student payments.

Director of the affiliate: Natalya Alexeevna Vershinina.