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Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy (license № 24-0338 and State accreditation) announces admission to the faculty of JOURNALISM in the specialty of "Journalism" (bachelor) with in-depth study of economics, finances and law.

Besides educational humanities disciplines, students in our faculty will study also professional disciplines: stylistics and literary editing, fundamentals of journalism, theory and methods of journalistic creative work, skill of journalistic contacts as well as techniques and technology of mass media, including creation of electronic versions of newspapers and magazines and much more.

Students in our faculty will acquire the skills of information gathering, preparation of analytical publications, and creation of radio and television programs.

Students of day division will have the opportunity to take fact-finding and work practice in very different mass media: periodicals, publishing houses, radio and television – under the guidance of leading and well-known practicing journalist.

After graduation students receive also a second diploma – additional professional education of jurist or economist!

Courses in the day division are 4 years, and at night and by correspondence– 5 years.

Our address: Moscow , B. Cheryomushkinskaya Street 17А

Telephones of the Admition Board: 126-96-66, 126-97-77, 902-32-88




Disciplines Studied in the Faculty


Disciplines studied in specialty 350700 – "Advertising"

I. General humanities and social-economic disciplines: Foreign language, Physical culture, Domestic history, Sociology, Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Russian language and standard of speech, Culturology, History of advertising, Business English of advertisement, Political science, Psychology and pedagogy.

II. General mathematical and natural-scientific disciplines: Mathematics, Informatics, Conceptions of modern natural science, Safety of vital activity, Economic geography and regionalistics.

III. General-professional disciplines: Art and literature, Economic theory, Statistics, Finances, money circulation and credit, Accounting, analysis and auditing, Legal regulation of advertising activity, Management, Marketing, Commerce, Business communication, Foundations of advertising, Public relations, Psychology of advertising activity, Sociology of advertising activity, Construction of advertisements, History of world culture, Price formation in the market of advertising services, Political advertising, Advertising management, Advertising marketing, Design of advertising message.

IV. Special disciplines: Information technologies in advertising. Mass communications and media-planning, Development and technique of advertising product manufacture, Antirecession management, Administrative law, Fiscal policy.

V. Disciplines of the specialization: Economics and organization of advertising business, Advertising company management, Mechanism of commercial negotiations, Advertising workshop (TV, radio, press), Strategic management in advertising, Management of advertising space sales, Creative management, Mastership of advertising management, Development of PR strategy, Advertising in global network "Internet," Inter-cultural communications, Mastership of cooperating, Voice effect in advertising and PR.

VI. Open classrooms: Slogan and text in advertising, Imagelogics, Branding, Foundations of advertisement dramaturgy, Sales system in the advertising market, Promotion of advertising production.  


Disciplines studied in specialty 020400 – "Psychology"  


I. General humanities and social-economic disciplines: Foreign language, Physical culture, Domestic history, Culturology, Political science, Jurisprudence, Pedagogy, Russian language and standard of speech, Sociology, Philosophy, economics, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics, History of pedagogic, Innovations in modern education, Didactics.

II. General mathematical and natural-scientific disciplines: Mathematics, Informatics and computer in psychology, Conceptions of modern natural science, Anthropology, Anatomy of central nervous system, Physiology of higher nervous activity, Differential psychophysiology, Psychopharmacology, Ecological psychology, Evolutionary psychology.

III. General-professional disciplines: Introduction to the profession, General psychology, Experimental psychology, General psychological practicum, History of psychology, Zoopsychology and comparative psychology, Psychogenetics, personal Psychology, Psychognosis, Methodological foundations of psychology, Mathematical methods in psychology, Psychology of evolution and age-related psychology, Pedagogical psychology, Social psychology, Labor psychology, Clinical psychology, Special psychology, Psychophysiology, Methods of psychology teaching, Foundations of nueropsychology, Psychology of contact, Engineering psychology and ergonomics, Juridical psychology, Ethnopsychology, Psychology of health, Differential psychology, Pathopsychology, Psychology of management, Economic psychology, Psychology of advertising, Psychology of business.

IV. Disciplines of the specialization: Theory and methods of psychological consulting and psychotherapy, Special problems of psychological consulting, Ethical principles and rules of psychologist's work, Psychological professional consulting, Child psychology, Psychology of educational activity, Psychological readiness to education, Diagnosis and development of pupil's cognitions, Educator and problems of discipline (training), Training of effective communication with children, Psychology of work with personnel, Psychology of professional activities, Organizational psychology, Psychology of professional education, Professional orientation and professional psychological selection, Modern methods of individual and group psychotherapy, Psychology of family, Psychology of abilities, Psychology of activity, Psychology of conflict, Social-psychological competence, Cognitive styles.

V. Open classrooms: Psychology of stress, Psychiatry, Professional techniques in work of a psychologist-consultant, Play therapy, Neuropsychological diagnosis.  


Contact Information


Office of the head of studies, dean's office – Telephone: (095) 129-43-00 (extension number - 227)