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License of the affiliate


License № 24-0538 of May 31, 2001 on right to conduct educational activities in the sphere of professional education.




Correspondence, intramural.




Jurisprudence, Management of an organization, Finances and credit.


Cost of education


Payment for 1 year of training at the intramural division – 16,000 rubles, correspondence– 12,000 rubles. In accordance with conditions of agreement payment can be made either for a full year or by semesters.


Address of the Admition Board


667010 Republic of Tyva, Kyzyl, Kalinin Street 1 "Б."


Telephone. (394-22) 5-67-31, (394-22) 5-67-31.


E-mail. mlfa@tuva.ru


Directions. From the airport take routing taxi (jitney) №1 to stop "Yuzhny" ("Southern" – "Южный") with a change to routing taxi (jitney) № 6, 6"а," 14, 3, 4 to stop "Mashzavod" ("Machine-building Plant"  - "Машзавод"). From the bus terminal take routing taxi (jitney) № 6, 6"а," 14, 3, 4. The building where the affiliate is situated is on the left of the stop "Mashzavod."


General information about the affiliate


The Tyvinsky affiliate of the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy admits students to intramural education in specializations:


  • Management of an organization (qualification: manager);

  • Finances and credit (qualification: economist).


For training persons can be admitted having general secondary education (11 forms) – period of training is 5 years.


For correspondence training admission is to  specializations:


  • Jurisprudence (qualification: jurist);

  • Finances and credit (qualification: economist);

  • Management of an organization (qualification: manager).


For training can be admitted persons having:


  • general secondary education (11 forms) – period of training is 6 years;

  • secondary special education – period of training 4 years;

  • higher education – period of training – 3 years.


The correspondence division uses the newest educational technologies and offers an opportunity to acquire professional knowledge and skills for short terms and with minimum expenses. Courses are built on individual work with special study guides sent by the Academy, the cost of which is included in tuition.